One of the most successful events in welding technology!


The 21st Welding Technology Seminar had again a huge increase in exhibitors and visitors.

The impuls speech on the eve „Damages in the welding of rail vehicles“ opened Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stephan Wolfrat, Managing Director DVS-District Association Flensburg, and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Dahms, College Flensburg.

In his introductory remarks, at the beginning of the seminar Dipl.-Ing. Sven Noack, President of  the Hauptprüfungs- und Zertifizierungsausschuss (HZA) of DVS has dealt with the theme of this year´s „Learning from the Faults of Others – Damages in connection  technology“.

In detail, from their own practice, the international speakers have reported on „Structured approach in case of damage“, „Failure of mixed joints due to incorrect welding additive selection“, „Reliable anti-corrosion protection by the new DASt-RL 022“, „Appropriate planning and execution of screw connections according to DIN EN 1090“ and „Corrosion attack in an heat exchanger after 6 months of operation “.
Legally lit was the topic at the end of the event with the question „Can one learn from other people´s mistakes at all…?”.

As in the previous years, we were represented at the accompanying  exhibition, with Mr. Helmut Riff and Mr. Valerian Walter.
Visitors have shown great interest in the software WELDWEB (Software for welding related documentation) and EN 1090WEB.

Many thanks for your visit!

Bildquelle: R!FF Systemhaus GmbH

Mr. Walter (RIFF Systemhaus GmbH) here in conversation
with Mr. Lars Villmar (TÜV Nord Danmark ApS, Kolding/
Dänemark) (l.t.r.).

Bildquelle: R!FF Systemhaus GmbH

We would also like to thank for the excellent support of the DVS-District Association Flensburg (here Mr.Jürgen Raun
in exchange with Mr. Walter) during the exhibition.